Throwing in the towel

Posted: October 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

So, I’m starting a blog.  Yeah, big woop.  I’ve always thought about doing a blog, but never did.  Why?  Am I too cool to do a blog?  I doubt that’s the case.  Have you seen me lately?  My wife writes an awesome blog, and I guess that’s where I got the inspiration to do one myself.  I think it’s that unspoken rule of marriage.  If your spouse does something good, try to it better.  Never give them the upper hand.  I doubt that will happen either.  My wife is an incredibly gifted writer.  I’m just opinionated.  So here we go.  Blog #1 done.

  1. You just might be too cool for blogs…we're pretty geeky over here 🙂 Welcome to the party, though! I'm glad Emily inspired you 🙂

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