So my wife wrote this really glowing review of me and my blog.  I guess I should return the favor.  My wife…she’s great.  Well, good got that out of the way. 

Summer 09 191

Ever feel like your taking a test you haven’t studied for?  How about giving a test you haven’t studied for?  So I’m quizzing my kids (my students, not my genetic progeny…progeny, that’s a funny word.  Just say it… progeny, progeny, proge…sorry, back on track.) I’m quizzing my students for a science test we are having tomorrow.  (By the way, if my students are reading this…study.  Also, if my students are reading this, your 3rd graders, why are you reading adult blogs anyway?  Inappropriate.  You owe 10 minutes at recess. Anyway, I digress.  I’m part way through quizzing when I realize I’m not so sure I know the answers to some of the questions!  The book I’m using is not the teacher answer key.  Panic!!!  How stupid do I feel?   To make a long story boring…new the answers.  I am as smart as I think I am.

Speaking of my progeny…progeny, progeny, progen…sorry.  I think they are trying to kill me.  Maybe for their inheritance.  Boy will they be disappointed.  Anyway, I think my 17 month old is masterminding the operation.  Don’t fall for the cute wrinkly nose smile.  Have you ever seen Family Guy.  He’s a Stewie.  You’ve been warned.

Evil.  Pure Evil.                                       Evil.  Pure Evil.

Blog #2 done.  And I’m out.

PS- My wife really is great.  Supermom to the core.  That is about as wordy as I get.  That’s all I have to say about that.  Love ya Pookie.

B25-4 This picture has nothing to do with my blog.  I just think it’s a cool picture.


Throwing in the towel

Posted: October 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

So, I’m starting a blog.  Yeah, big woop.  I’ve always thought about doing a blog, but never did.  Why?  Am I too cool to do a blog?  I doubt that’s the case.  Have you seen me lately?  My wife writes an awesome blog, and I guess that’s where I got the inspiration to do one myself.  I think it’s that unspoken rule of marriage.  If your spouse does something good, try to it better.  Never give them the upper hand.  I doubt that will happen either.  My wife is an incredibly gifted writer.  I’m just opinionated.  So here we go.  Blog #1 done.